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So, you have booked the venue and now need to decide on what kind of entertainment for you and your guests. The options are endless - from a string quartet, swing band, solo artist or a live band. What a lot of people do not factor into weddings is that the three things that most people remember from weddings are the dress, the cake and the entertainment. The entertainment is there to provide a fitting finale to a wonderful day and doing a little bit of research will make sure that whoever you decide on booking will make sure that they provide the best possible entertainment.
Do not assume that cheapest is best, there are a lot of solo artists and bands out there who profess to be professional, and unfortunately they are nothing more that glorified karaoke singers or pub bands. If you are booking professional entertainment you are booking someone who does this for a living and not for some extra beer money. When you buy your wedding dress the chances are you have bought it from a reputable wedding dress tailor, and the same should be said for your entertainment.
If you get the opportunity then try and get to see the artist live before you book as anyone can be made to sound good in a studio, if they are professional then then will sound as good, if not better in a live environment.
Always make sure that the price quoted is the total price and that there are no unforseen costs that you find out about. For example there may be an additional charge for music being played after midnight.
PAT testing and PLI is pretty much the norm these days and again any reputable entertainer will have both. Most venues will request these.
So there are a few pointers to consider and hopefully will help you choose the best entertainment for your special day.